Think about... why you stay in an organization. What keeps you there? What matters most to you?

We've asked over 20,000 people what kept them in an organization for 'a while'. Their answers form the basis of the survey you're about to take. We're constantly looking for more feedback in the world of work. Your help with this survey is greatly appreciated. We won't ask for your name or any personally-identifiable information, so be honest with us -- we'll keep it just between us. See how others' answers compare to yours! Ready to begin? Let's go...

Listed below are 13 factors that influence employee engagement and retention. Select the three that are most important for keeping you engaged and likely to stay with an organization for a while.
Job Location
Exciting, challenging or meaningful work
Supportive management/good boss
Job security and stability
Being recognized, valued, respected
Career growth, learning and development
A flexible work environment
Good benefits
Working with great co-workers or clients
Fair pay
Pride in the organization, its mission or product
Fun, enjoyable work environment
Loyalty and commitment to my co-workers or boss